Friends of the Homeless

What is Friends of the Homeless (FOH)?
FOH meets the needs of underprivileged and homeless Richmonders in many ways, primarily by providing a hot, nutritious lunch daily at two inner-city locations. For more information, visit the FOH website:

How does Mt. Pisgah help FOH?
On the first Monday of each month (except September), Mt. Pisgah provides lunch for approximately 75 at the Broomfield CME church location. Traditionally, a group affiliated with the church (such as an adult Sunday School class) "adopts" one month. Each month, Mt. Pisgah's FOH coordinators direct the volunteer efforts, deliver the food, and serve the food.  

How can our group help?
Your group can provide lunch in one of three ways:

 (1) Providing 7 spaghetti casseroles, salad, dressing, rolls, and kool-aid
We will give you the recipes for the spaghetti casseroles. We will also send reminder emails if you get the sign-up information to us. The food should be in the Christian Family Life Center kitchen on the Sunday before the Monday lunch.

 (2) Donating $150 to cover the cost of fried chicken, salad, dressing, baked beans, and kool-aid
If you prefer to donate money, please make a check out to "Mt. Pisgah UMC" to cover the cost of the meal and put the check in the FEED MY SHEEP mailbox. Let us know ASAP if you plan to donate money for a month so we can make all of the arrangements to obtain, deliver, and serve the food.

 (3) Preparing 8 dozen bag lunches and donating 8 dozen bottles of water (May through August only)
Bag lunches include a salty snack (e.g., chips), a sweet snack (e.g., cookies), and a piece of fruit (e.g., an apple). Packaged separately (so they can be refrigerated until serving time) is a sandwich for each bag. The sandwich consists of two pieces of bread, meat, and cheese (no condiments). The lunches and water are due the Sunday before the Monday lunch. Label items and place in the CFLC kitchen.

Do you have additional suggestions about how our group can be involved?
A group can make the spaghetti casseroles or bag lunches in an assembly-line method. Members of a group can decorate placemats or lunch bags. A group can designate the proceeds of a fundraiser to FOH. Although the primary focus is a nourishing meal, during the winter months, groups can donate socks, gloves (especially work gloves), and hats. There is a great need for warm items for adult men.

What if we have additional questions?
Please contact either of Mt. Pisgah's coordinators. Thank you for considering this opportunity!

Lela Martin                              &                      Sharry Maddux
379-7188                                                         379-1600