Adult Sunday School Classes

Sunday School meets at 9:30 am each Sunday.  Classes are provided for all ages.  There are a variety of classes available for adults that make it possible for everyone to find his or her special interest.

Asbury Class
Meets in the Josiah Library. 
This lively discussion class is for adults of all ages. We typically use current, relevant book studies as a way to expand our understanding of God’s Way. They have recently included several Adam Hamilton studies such as When Christians Get it Wrong and The Journey: Walking the Road to Bethlehem, as well as our current study by John Ortberg called Who Is This Man?: The Unpredictable Impact of the Inescapable Jesus.
Contact: Lela Martin, 379-7188

Discovery Class
Meets in room 217.
A group of eclectic personalities that seek theological and biblical answers. We are diverse in thought and age.  
Recent studies have included Rob Bell, Adam Hamilton, and the Wesleyan Way.    

Fellowship Class
Meets in the Chapel.
This class began as the young adult class and now welcomes anyone who wants to join, regardless of age.  The class ardently cares for one another and has a social event once a month. The lecture-discussion format follows the Adult Bible Study Series from Cokesbury.  
Contact: Margie Cheatham, 378-0653

John Wesley Class
Meets in room 304.
John Wesley Class is a dynamic discussion class led using Wesleyan principles to interpret scripture.   Several mission projects are supported during the year including the McGuire Veterans, Afghanistan Project, Christmas Families, and CARITAS.
Contact: Jo Wagner, 744-0323 

Open Doors Class
Meets in room 214.
This spirited discussion class for adults of any age focuses on relating God's work to our daily life.   In this class, food, fellowship, and learning go hand-in-hand.  Recent studies include A Hopeful Earth-Faith, Science, and the Message of Jesus.
Contact: Doug Macauley, 739-1616

Open Horizons Class
Meets in room 107.
This class enjoys a diversity of ages and backgrounds.   Discussions are facilitated around a topic or book.
Studies have included the Gospel of Matthew, eastern religions, Messianic Judaism, and John Wesley.
Contact: Kerry Thomas, 379-1716