Stewardship Communications Blog
Sep 7

Written by: Melissa Holmes
9/7/2016 2:31 PM 

Stewardship is a way of life. As noted in the last newsletter article, “stewardship is not about raising money or recruiting volunteers to fill ministry needs. It is about spiritual development. It is about responding to the call to be a disciple of Christ. Stewardship applies to every aspect of our individual lives and to the life of the church. Stewardship is best understood by living it.”

The last Stewardship article focused on the stewardship of prayer. In this article (excerpts of which are taken from various Catholic churches’ websites), we focus on the stewardship of time. God gives us the gift of time - 24 hours a day - no more or no less. Time, which we never seem to have enough of, is one of the most precious possessions we have. Recognizing that every day is a gift from God, we strive to spend some of each day with him, through prayer, scripture reading, quiet meditation, and other spiritual activities. We also strive to spend time to help others, including the less fortunate.

The following questions were listed on a Catholic church’s website. Please read and reflect on them as you focus on your stewardship of time:

· “How am I using the gift of time God has given me?

· How much time am I committing to prayer, worship, and service to help me grow in my relationship with God?

· How much time am I committing to continuing education of my faith or Bible study to help me grow in my knowledge of my faith, the Church, and in His Word?

· What time (quality and quantity) am I giving my spouse, family, and friends to help me grow in my relationship with them?

· Am I a good steward of time spent at work?

· How many hours a week do I devote to helping others in need?

· Am I unable to enjoy the present because I am regretting the past or fretting the future?

· Am I abusing time by excessive, or even inappropriate, use of technology?

· Am I a good steward of my body by taking time for exercise, rest, and recreation?”


The Stewardship Branch encourages you to spend time daily with God and offer time to serving God and others through the various opportunities available at Mt. Pisgah. Because God has given us our time, we should ask him how to best spent it. How we spend our time is perhaps the clearest indication of our progress in a life of Christian discipleship. Consider how you are using the time God has given you and how it is glorifying God.