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Aug 27

Written by: Melissa Holmes
8/27/2015 1:58 PM 

 I am remodeling a house in my hometown, and was looking for a handyman to help with some of the work. A friend recommended a man, said he did good work at a reasonable cost, but concluded his recommendation with the caveat “but he goes to THAT church”. THAT church is a Pentecostal church, fairly new in town, and has numerous rumors about it. Rumors include they are a cult, they don’t preach the traditional message of the Bible, and some say they ask how much money you make before you can join.

I hired the guy. After he had been working a couple weeks, we got to chatting a little about his church. I mentioned I was on the Stewardship branch at my church, and we were in the process of planning our fall pledge campaign. His response was “What’s that?” I explained it was how we asked church members to commit their financial giving, and asked him how they did it. His answer: “Well, it’s simple—the Lord gives us everything, and only asks that we give 10% back. We get to keep 90% of his gifts to us. We don’t have a campaign to raise money—it just happens”.

What struck me is the different way of looking at giving. I guess I have always seen it as everything I have is mine because I earned it, and I give x% to the church. This man sees it as everything he has is a gift from God, and he gets to keep 90% of it.

I don’t know if the rumors are true or not. But I do think he has the right attitude toward giving to his church—he gets to keep 90% of what was given to him. And God, thru the church, gets 10%.

Mac Deacon
Stewardship Branch