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Apr 1

Written by: Melissa Holmes
4/1/2015 12:58 PM 

The Book of James talks a lot about the various facets of faith. Our faith is instrumental in overcoming the many temptations we are faced with in our day to day lives. The testing of our character is one aspect of how strong our faith really is. There are many temptations throughout life. Some examples include force, greed, ambition, selfishness and pleasure.

If our joy in life is primarily focused on some or all of these types of behavior, then what faith we have means nothing. What is the good of a person saying they have faith if they do not prove it by actions? Faith which does not express itself in works representing the will of God is of no value.

Our faith is revealed by what we do. Many times things happen in our lives that test our faith. People often ask “Why did God allow this to happen?” God does not tempt and test us with evil things and events. Instead of wrong things coming from God, we find only good and perfect gifts come from above.

You’ve heard the phrase “Actions speak louder than words”. James is telling us that our actions and our deeds speak volumes as to what faith a person really has. What we say to others is also important. If we speak unkindly to another, we have diminished our faith.

Prayer is also another building block of our faith. Just like our actions, how and what we pray for is important in our faith journey. What do you pray for when you do pray? Is it inwardly focused or to have your life glorify God? God promises to answer prayer, but He will not give to those who would consume it on their own pleasures.

Although only God can save a soul, He uses human instruments to accomplish it. Will your Faith in Action help others to find or strengthen their faith?

Charlie Simmons
Stewardship Branch