Stewardship Communications Blog
Apr 1

Written by: Melissa Holmes
4/1/2015 12:56 PM 

At the beginning of each new year, media remind us that some parts of our lives are not yet disciplined or just lacking. We’re invited to join a health club or start a new diet-exercise plan at home. Maybe we need to look at how our desks and closets are organized or how we plan our time at school and work, how we spend our money.

If we are farmers or avid gardeners, in winter we look at seed catalogues. If we are responsible for clothing a family, we go to post- and pre-season sales or scan pattern books with an eye towards sewing for Spring. Whether deciding on New Year’s Resolutions or Lenten sacrifices, if we succeed THIS time, we will be better persons in just a few days, weeks, months.

Winter is a slow-down time for most of us. We snuggle in at home whenever we can, away from winds and the cold. I would propose another indoor activity: thoughtful, thankful contemplation of God’s blessings for us today, prayer asking God, “What shall we do together in the coming year?” Each of our lives has been different in 2014. Our blessings and prayers are personal, intimate, loving conversations with the God who gives us life.

How could we not Celebrate LIFE at Mt. Pisgah in 2015? We will continue to “Love God, Invite others, Fellowship together, and Engage the community.” How could we not draw closer to God and those we encounter throughout the year? God blesses us every day and loves us before we start the diet-exercise plan, organize our desks and closets, manage our money in the wisest way, or remember to ask what God would have us do in the new year. That is truer love than we will ever find from any other!

Clair Cosby
Stewardship Branch