Stewardship Communications Blog
Apr 1

Written by: Melissa Holmes
4/1/2015 12:54 PM 

I have tried to live by the principles of Christian stewardship as I heard my father explain when I was very young:

Christian stewardship is the systematic and proportionate giving of one’s time, talents, and material resources based upon the conviction that what we have comes from God, in trust, for the benefit of all mankind.

Let’s break this down a little:

Systematic – regularly, orderly. God calls me to participate in worship each Sunday by giving of my tithes.

Proportionate – 10% was directed by God because he knows too much giving creates pressure to meet other financial obligations or creates an ego issue of “look what I did” while too little giving fosters a selfish attitude. The proper balance also requires some discipline.

Time, Talents, and Material Resources - sharing of our whole. I am just fooling myself to think I can substitute one for the other.

In Trust – a fiduciary responsibility of what really belongs to God. Time, talents, and material resources are all earthly possessions.

All Mankind – not for me to decide who is deserving and who is not. God calls me to seek out needs and assist – period, end of conversation.

I trust in the principles of Christian stewardship.

Dennis Burgess