Josiah Library

Welcome to the Josiah Library. Peruse our books on site or here online. For our limited space, our philosophy has been, with some exceptions, to offer books written from a Christian viewpoint. Our children’s books are either based on the Christian viewpoint or agree with Christian morals.

In the reference area we offer among other titles:
   The Interpreter’s Dictionary of the Bible in several volumes (220.3)
   The New Interpreter’s Bible in several volumes (220.7)
   The Storyteller’s Companion in several volumes (220.9)
   A shelf dedicated to many versions of the Holy Bible (220 Bibles)
   A Herbert Lockyer set, whose titles begin and end with All the…of the Bible. A sample of what the ellipse refers to are: Prayers; Trades and Occupations; Promises; Doctrines; Miracles (220s)

For guidance on church issues and leadership, be sure to check out titles under the tag, Church Life, mainly in 253.x, 254.x, and 261.x.
   The Book of Discipline (2008) is under 262.9.
   Children Ministry helps are found under 268.4.

We also house selections from the United Methodist Women’s Reading Program. Those in the last 5 years of the program reside on a designated shelf.

We offer a sizeable selection of titles under Christian Living (248, 248.4 & 248.8), devotionals (242.x), and Bible studies.

On the periodical shelves we offer: Circuit Rider, Virginia United Methodist Advocate, The Christian Century, Interpreter, and a few others.

And don’t forget our Christian fiction books covering many genres, which inspire, deal with issues, and entertain.

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If you haven’t been in the library in a while, come check it out in Room 219. You will find many more current titles than before and lots of Christian fiction (suspense, historical, romance, spiritual warfare, and general). Come check out the UMW Reading program selections and the Book Club's book of the month.